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Sonja was very professional and yet very caring at the same time. She was available to help but not pushy in any way. She made my home purchase a priority as I had a small window to find a home. She was in contact with the seller's agent and kept me informed of progress. She was in tune to my needs and the needs of the seller and made them come together.  I would definitely recommend Sonja to family and friends.

Linda Wurth, Overland Park, KS


Sonja has been a wonderful agent for us as we bought a new home and prepare to sell our old home.

We were first taken by her energy and enthusiasm.  It was soon apparent that these are based in a sincere interest in her clients.  She works very hard for us and has made us feel comfortable in calling on her for advise and services that made our difficult decisions much easier.

Sonja listened to our needs and concerns and asked about our feelings on a variety of issues as we began our process.  She did seem to hear us clearly.

As we looked for a new house, she showed us a variety of types of homes and neighborhoods in her attempt to understand what we were looking for.  During this process she helped us think through what was most important to us.  During negotiations there was never any doubt that she was steadfastly committed to our interests.  She helped us understand the issues involved in making an offer and talked through her recommended offer price.

She seems to have contacts for all manner of services needed to change homes.  The process of buying and selling is far more complex than when we bought our current home 37 years ago.  Sonja has welcomed our calls for information and advice on even the most mundane matters.

Her interest extended beyond the closing of the contract.  For example, we encountered some unexpected difficulties with our movers.  When the moving company would not answer or return my calls I contacted Sonja.  Within 30 minutes she had tracked down the owner of the company, who was out of town, and established a 3 way phone conversation for us with him.

Sonja is technically adept and very responsive to e-mail and phone messages.  She is quick to return calls, but does do her homework before providing information.  I should also mention that she does not wait for one to inquire.  During the walk through at our new house, I asked about a feature of the home.  The selling agent who was present had no information.  Without my prompting, Sonja later sought information as to the purpose of the item and called to let me know.

We are extremely pleased with Sonja and would recommend her services without reservation.

Tom & Karen A.


To whom it may concern:
    It is not often I write letters of recommendation.  I do not feel a person should be acknowledged for doing their job and doing it well.  I feel a heartfelt "thank you" is adequate.  Simply put, when I hire a person I hire them because I am confident they can deliver against my expectations - anything short is failure, anything above is exceptional.  That brings me to the point of this letter.  Every once and again someone goes beyond exceptional.  When that happens, I feel a person should be given credit where due.
    In today's crazy world, commission sales people generally only care about one thing, making money.  Get-in, get-out, and move on.  I don't blame them, they have to.  They have families and commitments like the rest of us.  But thankfully, there are people out there who buck that stereotype, and I am happy to say I have found one.
    If you are thinking of listing or buying a house, I strongly recommend Sonja Stoskopf as your agent.   Look, I have friends who sell real estate, friends-of-friends who sell real estate, and even former agents I have used in the past that are all capable of meeting my expectations.  Sonja, however, is different in that she adequately commits and then over delivers.  She has exceptional communication and people skills and she understands the real estate market.  Ready for this - she listens.  She actually listens to all concerns and addresses them in a non-emotional, professional manner.  She is open, accessible, and works a relentless schedule.
    Sonja came to us out of the blue.  Our plans were to use our former real estate agent or a friend of ours.  The person who recommended her told us to give her 30 minutes.  We met Sonja to appease them.  Thirty minutes turned into two hours.  I don't think she was out ouf our driveway before we made our decision.
    I am sure there are many agents who can help you buy or sell a house.  But I don't think there are many agents that can deliver the transaction as gracefully and professionally as Sonja Stoskopf.  I have bought and sold seven times in the Kansas City area, hardly an expert, just a person with a little experience.  The last "deal" went smoothest and was the best experience.  If you desire the same, consider Sonja as your agent.

Todd and Wendy

Dear Sonja,

We would like to thank you for sharing your time with us so generously while selling our home. We could not have asked for a better real estate specialist. Thank you...you are #1! Although we have moved many times, it can be very complicated leaving your home to move to a new location. What made our transition so smooth was knowing that we could depend on your professionalism, expertise, guidance and support in our absence.

After speaking with you the first time, we knew you had the experience and skills it would take to sell our home. What impressed us most was the time you took to answer our questions and that you already had a plan of action. You were fabulous from "Day 1". We were able to focus on our move while you handled everything else. You went above and beyond all our expectations.

The market is not great and it took a while to sell, but you were always upbeat, positive, and open to new ideas. Your finest quality is that you care about the people and families you work with. Moving is never easy, but we were luck you have you on our team.......thank you.

We want you to know how much we appreciate your kindness, support and expertise. In addition to your strong professional qualifications, you have great passion for your work and the personal qualities to make a difference. Anyone relocating to or from Kansas should be so lucky to have you represent them. You are sensitive to how difficult moving can be and offer many years of experience helping people and families through their transitions. We are confident that you will deliver great results with anyone who has the pleasure of working with you.

Again, thank you for being so generous.

Best regards, Rolando and Maria 


Sonja Stoskopf presented a more aggressive plan for marketing compared to another broker. She performed and presented an extensive analysis of the housing market in my area and explained the basis for her recommendations.  

Sonja went above and beyond in arranging special communications and meetings between buyers and the architect and the HOA architectural committee in working out the buyers' prospective plans for construction of an outbuilding on my property, a condition of the sale.  Without her persistence in this process, with an ultimately successful outcome, I doubt my property would have sold when it did.  

I wish the could have sold sooner, but I followed Sonjka Stoskopf's recommendations on several times extending the contract during the buyers' dealing with the HOA situation, which did have a favorable outcome. Since I was living out of state during the entire process, I felt comfortable relying on her judgement and her handling of the situation. Handling all the paperwork by e-document was seamless.

I wholeheartedly recommend Sonja Stoskopf as your real estate broker/agent.

Nadine G., Dallas T


Making a move from Chicago to the KC area with 4 young children was a daunting task. Luckily my sister recently moved and used Sonja Stoskopf as a Buyers Agent. On the recommendation of my sister we used Sonja as well. Our wish list for a home was very specific and the time we had to look for homes was not flexible. Through every home Sonja asked questions to understand what we really wanted. We were quickly able to find a home that we fell in love with. Sonja gave all of the time we asked for and more. What really made a difference for us was that Sonja had the right amount of communication. She was always available, but also followed up with everything before it was due to make sure we had everything done. We used Sonja's recommendation for everything such as Inspector and Radon mitigation contractor. Her recommendations did a great job. Once the deal was done she also made it clear that we needed help with anything such as finding a contractor, advice on the area, etc. feel free to call her. I will be recommending Sonja to my friends and family. Dave Chaffee, Leawood, KS


Sonja always made herself available and knew what we wanted from the get go. She put up with my finicky husband and the moment I declared he would never be satisfied with anything and was making my apologies to Sonja for wasting another Saturday he finally declared he liked this one. She found us our dream home and worked so hard to make it happen on our terms. In those long months she became not just our agent, but a kind of a friend. Jeannette -- Overland Park


Sonja is extremely knowledgeable about Johnson County/Blue Valley and what it takes to sell a house in the area. She made excellent recommendations for how to stage the house and provided me with contact information for painting and cleaning. All of the hard work paid off - the house sold in under 24 hours for the asking price! I would highly recommend Sonja Stoskopf to anyone trying to sell their home!! Kristine, Overland Park


Sonja, You did such a good job sheepherding us through our buying process. We love our house. Everything is perfect! And the way the closing went, just tells me that you and your team work well in sync together. Thank you for everything! Sincerely, Oliver and Jacqui


Sonja was great to work with! Very understanding of our needs, and super professional! Everything was great! House sold in 3 days. Closing was very smooth. David Lembke – Leawood


Our previous experience with Sonja made the decision a no-brainer We purchased a Rural and much older property this time. This presented a new set of challenges and considerations. Sonja navigated the the entire process flawlessly and didn't skip a beat. She certainly proved to us that her experience isn't limited to the suburbs! Once again, a completely wonderful experience. Sonja works tirelessly for her clients and treats all parties involved with respect and professionalism. Sonja is a credit to the Reece Nichols team! Michael and Kimberly Talbot, Spring Hill, KS 66083


We have worked with Sonja now on three transactions spanning almost 10 years. She is the best of the best. Sonja works tirelessly to serve her clients. She is always there for you, has excellent advice to offer and just makes the overall experience successful while remaining pleasant! We highly recommend Sonja and Reece Nichols to anyone considering buying or selling a home. Michael and Kimberly Talbot, Spring Hill KS


After extensive research on the internet regarding realtors we decided on Sonja Stoskopf for her track record. Sonja was very professional in her communication and follow through once property was put up for sale. Her extensive knowledge and homework on our neighborhood provided us with the information necessary to make the right decisions regarding our property. All aspects of the sale were handled very professionally. Sonja's performance was stellar. Her positive outlook provided comfort in knowing that we were dealing with a true professional. We felt that everything was handled in a very timely manner to meet our needs in the sale of our home. We felt we were in good hands with Sonja. We would highly recommend her to anyone in the market to buy or sale a home. Roger Hernandez, Shawnee, KS.


Sonja came recommended to us by a friend. She is awesome. We were selling my mom's condo remotely, we live in California, so not the easiest way to do it. Sonja was very professional, well organized, knew the comps and neighborhood. We did a small amount of work on the condo before putting it on the market at her recommendation and after the work was done she recommended we raise the price from where we thought we would price it. She was right. The condo sold the first week on the market and we got our higher price. Most agents would have just let it go on at the lower price because in terms of commission, it wouldn't be material. But she knew it mattered to us. I would highly recommend her and would use her again in a heartbeat. She's a rockstar! Loved working with her and would do it again in a heartbeat. Dave Hagan, Los Angeles and Overland Park, Kansas


To whom it may concern: I recently worked with Sonja Stoskopf as the Sales Agent for my home in Overland Park, KS. Sonja handled the process of the sale, despite extraordinary outside circumstances with ultimate professionalism and an exceptional attitude. She really had the knack for knowing how to patiently explain the "whys" for some delays to me when needed or push with a smile to guide the process to a conclusion. For a variety of reasons, this particular sale was a challenge for me personally as well as, I am sure for Sonja. However, given the potential for the process to be filled with all sorts of emotion (as it naturally was at times for me), Sonja continued myopic focus on the business at hand with a deft touch of empathy and appropriate amount of sympathy. Business is business and I completely understand that as a sales professional myself but I truly think that Sonja stands above because sometimes business affects lives and without all the exceptional personal and professional traits that Sonja possesses, this would not have gone well. Time of day didn't matter, if I had something I needed addressed or a stupid question, Sonja was incredibly prompt with an accurate and detailed reply. Complementing Sonja's work, on the couple of occasions that I worked with other ReeceNichols Leawood staff, it was always very professional and pleasant. Thank you and job well done! Sincerely, John Klaus John Klaus, Overland Park, KS


Sonja Stoskopf is the kind of sales and marketing person that anyone would want on their team. She knows what she is doing guides your market decisions help with getting good contractors to fix issues. And most of all knows how to read people. I would and will recommend Sonja to anyone that is looking for Property in metro Kansas City area. Mike McClain. President of Mack McClain and Associates Inc. Mike McClain


Sonja has the unique ability and personality to make one very comfortable. She displays a confidence that you know you can put your trust her and not be disappointed! I would highly recommend Sonja Stoskopf to take care of all your housing needs as she is a true professional!!!! Bill Barnow - Overland Park


Sonja was awesome! She is extremely patient and hard working. any issues that came up she got handled. Highly recommend!!! Brad Bahe Overland Park


-I appreciated her bubbly personality and she makes her clients feel important. -I appreciated her meeting me after 6pm on weeknights to view homes. -I appreciate all the negotiating and hard work Sonja put into landing the dealing. Jessica Plubell, Kansas City, MO


Sonja did a great job!! Appreciated her great service, house sold fast! Mike Ostendorf


Sonja is a true professional whose knowledge of the business and the area are a tremendous asset when looking for a new home or selling your existing home. She is always calm, positive and available for any question or request you may have in the buying or selling process. She will not rush you or push you into a decision, but always considerate of you and your time. She is someone you can trust when dealing with this important transaction and knows the true value of the property. Her experience and reputation has earned her life-long friends and we consider her a friend and family member. Kurt and Beth Sutton, Leawood, KS


Sonja tells you the truth and keeps her promises. She sold our house fast even though it was a fixer upper. Sonja listened to our concerns and always got back to us in timely manner. Teresa H. now in El Paso Tx


Sonja was very helpful in helping us find our home. We are not from the area and Sonja knew just what we were looking for and the area in which to find it. She was very patient & kind when we brought our 3 year old with us to view homes. Sonja is a classy woman and I truly respected her insight and opinions when it came to making decisions (especially not being from the area). She also is great at networking which has come in especially helpful & convenient when it came to the loan process etc... We now live in our beautiful home that we are thrilled about! Thank you so much Sonja! The Nelsons, Overland Park


Sonja did a great job getting us the best value for our home. From start to finish, she achieved the final sales price we wanted and was always available for questions and feedback along the way. This is the second time we've worked with Sonja and she has delivered both times. She will be the first person I would recommend for buying/selling the in the KC area. Also, with the purchase of our new home in a sought-after area, she made sure we were the first to see it early on a Sunday morning. Great job!! Brandon - Prairie Village


Sonja impressed me with her research and information she had available to us in our first meeting. We lived in the country and it was important to me that the person I picked was well informed and enthusiastic about our house. She was always available to answer our questions in a timely manner. She has continued to help us look for a new home and has been very helpful in making changes to floor plans to work better for our needs. Maggie and Phil G.


Sonja has been a great asset to our company finding us properties and being there to help us through the process. She has been remarkable with helping us sell our homes as well as purchasing them. She goes to bat for her clients and I would recommend her o everyone I know looking to buy or sell a home. Anthony & Karen A/K Property Investments


Sonja was very professional and yet very caring at the same time. She was available to help but not pushy in any way. She made my home purchase a priority as I had a small window to find a home. She was in contact with the seller's agent and kept me informed of progress. She was in tune to my needs and the needs of the seller and made them come together. I would definitely recommend Sonja to family and friends. Linda W., Overland Park, KS


Sonja is knowledgeable, experienced, personable and professional. She listened to our preferences and chose the right homes for us to view. She was a strong advocate for us in the process I highly recommend Sonja 


There's nothing Sonja could do to improve. She was amazing to work with....offered fantastic area advise, was available and quick to respond.  She was friendly but professional, and offered other service recommendations - mortgage, painter, inspector.  Truly an expert guide as I moved through the process.  I will use her again and highly recommend her to my friends.    Stacey D., Leawood KS