We at Sonja Stoskopf & Associates want Buyers to fall in love with your home the same way you did. Below are a few things that we do to assist you with the selling of your home to make it stand out.  We also provide FREE staging and FREE photography for all our sellers.



Visual marketing is one key to the success we have had. Great photos are essential when it comes to marketing a listing because they are the touch point that first captures potential buyers' attention. Every listing receives special photography. Our pictures are crystal clear and inviting.





Our listing teaser is a good way for potential buyers' to see your home. This 30 second video, set with music, will capture pictures of your home. The slide show is also a great way to show off your home. This slide show will show all 25 pictures. These videos will be published on all social media and on our website.






If buyers hear your story of why you bought this house, they will understand the attraction and want to feel that as well. Below is a sample that would be used in our marketing campaign.



This may sound strange however we are taking a little something from the "Fixer Upper" TV Show and giving each home a unique name title which gives a home a special touch and makes it more interesting. Some examples: "The Hidden Hide Away", "The Arches", or "The Great Outdoors".



The botttom line. We take pride in the marketing that we do for our Sellers. We have marketing campaigns that will show your home in all facets of media. We will continue to market your home until it is sold. We also provide you with weekly updates to inform you of what WE have done for YOU during the week.